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Welcome to Ritvest on the 10s, the monthly newsletter you never knew you always needed. Straight from the mouth of RItvest CEO, Eric Ritvo, we’re sharing a few of our favorite things in real estate and beyond.

Build to Rent

The latest development trend

Have you heard about BTR (Build to Rent) homes? This article asks the question: Is it the next big thing in rental housing? I certainly think it will be around for a while.

Ready to rent?

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Family buying house with computer

First Time Buyers

Are they still hunting?

Following the trend of BTR, it is notable that first time homebuyers dropped to a low percentage not hit since 2014.

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Real Estate Lingo

Liquidity Event:

An acquisition, merger, initial public offering (IPO), or other action that allows investors in a company to cash out some or all of their ownership shares.


Goal-setting Goals

Toss out the resolution

Do resolutions stress you out? This article breaks down how making a lot of small goals is the key too happier achievement and less pressure.

Find your happy place

Woman holding Amazon package

Where’s My Stuff

Amazon delivery disaster

Eventually, we were going to read a story like this one …. Just a shame it was in a market (Oklahoma City) I like investing in.

What happened to them?


Change and clean your filters before it’s too late.



Black Monday

NFL's Doomsday

Today is commonly referred to as “Black Monday” in NFL circles because so many coaches get fired. Did your team make a change? Did you know this term?

A quick historical primer

Football on grass

Holiday Celebrations

A dry December?

Did it seem like a less festive and more sober December? Well, it was nationally as sales dropped 2.9% from the prior year.

See the sober stats


Perhaps the greatest test of love is the way we act in times of need.
-Suleika Jaouad

Why I do this: For the past two decades, I’ve lived at the crosshairs of entrepreneurship, M&A deals, business plans and startups. I often say I’m the happiest guy in every deal, because I know that when experts come together, the results can be exceptional. This experience led me to create Ritvest, a family-run investment group with a focus on people and communities built to endure and thrive over time. Thank you for allowing me to share a little part of myself and the products, people and places I believe in with you here every month. Let’s build something great together.

Disclaimer:  Ritvest on the 10s is the product of Eric Ritvo and Ritvest.  It is not investing advice.  Heck, it is not any advice.  It is stuff I put together and then lives on my website.  This is barely marketing.  Ritvest was founded with an abundance mentality, the ability to pick and choose and working with people we like.  This is not an advertisement for anything other than connecting with me.

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