Thank you for making today a little more hopeful and a little less lonely.

Eric commissioned this poster and it’s a gift to all who enjoy #TheRoyale.  Gifts are free and come without strings attached. If you want the file, just click the download button.

The Royale (n.):

The first and best cup of coffee of the day.  Coined by Brian Koppelman.

In March, 2020, Brian Koppelman and his Twitter followers began their days by sending out pictures of themselves enjoying their morning coffee. Simply applying #TheRoyale to a photo birthed an online community around the simple principle of a moment of peace before the day gets moving. The Royale was featured with toddlers, dogs, concert posters, artwork, sunrises, vistas, blankets, breakfast, clean homes, messy rooms, and everything in between. Since most of us were at home and couldn’t gather with friends, we found a new coffee crew. It was simple, authentic and kind.

A community was born. We bought mugs with Brian’s smile and raised money for the Food Bank of New York. Like college coming to an end, the communal moment passed. However, I missed the pictures. I missed the smiles. I missed the coming together for a common good, even if it was brief, fleeting and threatened by the next thought just a doom scroll away. So I had this poster designed by an artist on Fiverr. I don’t want to forget this moment. The poster is going on my wall near my coffee maker. I hope it goes on yours, too.

Food Bank Donations

The Royale was originally done by Brian Koppleman to raise money for the Food Bank of New York. Eric supports them and is a supporter of The Greater Boston Food Bank (former member of their Kitchen Cabinet) and Food Bank of the Rockies. If you have the means and want to support them, please click the links above.

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