Investment Criteria

It starts with people. Then we make informed decisions to help build communities that last. 

We believe that people come first and that’s why we want to get to know our partners before committing money. Execution is as essential a component of business as planning. Partnering with others who share your vision, work ethic and values allows an easier path to success. Life is too short and execution is difficult enough when everything goes perfectly, that there has to be the right people fit. It is only after building a relationship that Ritvest looks at the specific project, the industry, the business plan, the returns, and benefits to the community.

This is how we work.

Current Multi-Family Investment Requirements

Multi-Family Deal Factors We Like:

Counting Numbers Meant To Impress:

Jimmie Johnson, 7-Time Champion
Patriots Fans Know
0 -3
Needless Star Wars Movies
Consecutive Days Wearing Hawaiian Shirts in 2001
People in Danny Ocean's Crew

Frequently Asked Questions

Most certainly not. Ritvest looks for opportunities to invest its own capital.

Only in me. I’m also not sure I’d ace that exam.

All the time.  Investing is a team sport.

Are you accredited? Let’s chat.

Most, if not all, of the investments listed here came through networking. Most of these are off-market opportunities. As for telling people what’s in process before it closes, that’s a recipe for disaster.

It is a match of values and ability. The initial education came from books, podcasts, articles, experiences, investments and networking. Knowing the best way to learn is to roll up your sleeves, Eric became an active investor to learn the industry from the inside. If you’re considering a future as a multifamily apartment syndicator, feel free to reach out to him for his uncensored views on the industry.

No. That’s not what we do.

Not at all.  By definition, Class B and Class C homes are older and typically ready for needed upgrades.  Our multi-family efforts are in furtherance of safe, wonderful communities.

Depends if you think a hot dog is a sandwich.

Seven hours of sleep a night.

Have you ever tried operating on lack of sleep?

Ready to Ritvest? Let's schedule time to talk.

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