Opportunity Zone Investing

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In 2017, with the creation of Opportunity Zones under the Tax and Jobs Act, the United States provided tax deferral and related incentives in return for an injection of capital into these areas. Each state was empowered to designate Opportunity Zones and over 8,000 OZs were created.

After gaining an understanding and agreeing with the purpose of this fiscal and governmental policy, Ritvest sought out the best developers and managers creating economic development in these areas. Today, Ritvest is a proud participant in single asset and broad based multi-family opportunity zone investing through its relationships with Virtua Partners, Bridge Investment Group and Origin Investments.

Ritvest Preferred Opportunity Zone Sponsors

Want to learn more about Opportunity Zone investing?

Below are a few ways that you can learn more.

  1. Visit the IRS.gov Opportunity Zone Site
  2. Go to law school, business school, hire  an accountant and use Google University results
  3. Listen to hours of podcasts, read every article on this ever-evolving topic and review, analyze and vet more OZ pitches than you can remember…

At this time, Ritvest is not actively looking to invest in additional Opportunity Zones. If you call Eric to talk about OZs, he’ll tell you what he knows, but that information may have changed. He’ll try to point you in the right direction as you conduct your due diligence.

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