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Welcome to Ritvest on the 10s, the monthly newsletter you never knew you always needed. Straight from the mouth of RItvest CEO, Eric Ritvo, we’re sharing a few of our favorite things in real estate and beyond.

I'm on a Podcast!

Guest Appearance

I was a guest on the Blue Lake Capital weekly real estate podcast hosted by Ellie Periman. You can listen to it or watch the video on YouTube:

Listen in


Interest Rates

Still on the rise

This topic now makes a regular appearance here as it continues to influence commercial real estate (ya know…like multifamily!). Here’s a solid read on it:

Rising rates causing issues


Near-Future Opportunities

I am currently evaluating a handful of acquisitions and real estate developments. Interested in learning more about ‘em?

Let’s grab a virtual coffee

Real Estate Lingo


A person who represents another person or company during a buying or selling process.



The season for sounds

A favorite summer activity for yours truly is attending concerts – already have tickets for a few shows. Here’s a list of big-name tours happening this year:

Rock out this summer


Stock up on batteries before you need them.




Lingo to know

I heard the word “adulting” a few too many times recently, so I looked up the origin and boy was I shocked to discover it’s start:

Where’d it come from?


Top Gun: Maverick

My wife and I loved seeing Top Gun: Maverick in the movie theaters. It’s a delightful summer thrill ride and setting major records in a unique way

Flying high on the charts


“I feel the need …. The need for speed.”
-Maverick and Goose, Top Gun, 1986

Why I do this: For the past two decades, I’ve lived at the crosshairs of entrepreneurship, M&A deals, business plans and startups. I often say I’m the happiest guy in every deal, because I know that when experts come together, the results can be exceptional. This experience led me to create Ritvest, a family-run investment group with a focus on people and communities built to endure and thrive over time. Thank you for allowing me to share a little part of myself and the products, people and places I believe in with you here every month. Let’s build something great together.

Disclaimer:  Ritvest on the 10s is the product of Eric Ritvo and Ritvest.  It is not investing advice.  Heck, it is not any advice.  It is stuff I put together and then lives on my website.  This is barely marketing.  Ritvest was founded with an abundance mentality, the ability to pick and choose and working with people we like.  This is not an advertisement for anything other than connecting with me.

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