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Welcome to Ritvest on the 10s, the monthly newsletter you never knew you always needed. Straight from the mouth of RItvest CEO, Eric Ritvo, we’re sharing a few of our favorite things in real estate and beyond.

Conspiracy in the air

What's up with Denver Airport?

Now that we’ve returned to travel, I’ve fielded a couple inquiries about DIA’s various conspiracy theories.
Have you heard any of them?

Tin-foil hat time!

Plane landing on runway

Movies that stick

National Treasure

Speaking of conspiracy theories, you know what film holds up? National Treasure. Sure, it was totally coincidental I recently rewatched this movie and nothing to do with the holiday this month.

Places to watch

Columbus, Ohio

Here are 25 Things You Should Know About Columbus, Ohio.

Am I including this because I foresee a deal in Columbus later this year?

Yes. Yes I am.

Columbus, Ohio skyline

Real Estate Lingo

Short Sale:

When a property is sold for less than the debt secured by the property

Inflation Plans image

Inflation Plans

What to do with Real Estate

A friend of mine penned this article about Why Inflation Concerns Will Drive Money Into Property Investment. Considering my focus is real estate, I pretty much agree with all of it.


Pandemic Moves

New city, who dis?

I bet you’ll be surprised which city lost the most population last year.

Outpacing New York, Los Angeles and Boston, is…

What’s your guess?


Apply and reapply sunscreen. Then hydrate.



Books to browse

Read this one next

Last month, I had just purchased The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: A guide to Wealth and Happiness. Having read it in record time, I can now recommend it to you. It’s wonderful. Just a lot of things to think about packed into a brisk read. Go for it.


“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
-Abraham Lincoln

Why I do this: For the past two decades, I’ve lived at the crosshairs of entrepreneurship, M&A deals, business plans and startups. I often say I’m the happiest guy in every deal, because I know that when experts come together, the results can be exceptional. This experience led me to create Ritvest, a family-run investment group with a focus on people and communities built to endure and thrive over time. Thank you for allowing me to share a little part of myself and the products, people and places I believe in with you here every month. Let’s build something great together.

Disclaimer:  Ritvest on the 10s is the product of Eric Ritvo and Ritvest.  It is not investing advice.  Heck, it is not any advice.  It is stuff I put together and then lives on my website.  This is barely marketing.  Ritvest was founded with an abundance mentality, the ability to pick and choose and working with people we like.  This is not an advertisement for anything other than connecting with me.

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