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Welcome to Ritvest on the 10s, the monthly newsletter you never knew you always needed. Straight from the mouth of RItvest CEO, Eric Ritvo, we’re sharing a few of our favorite things in real estate and beyond.

Welcome to 2023!

The Jordan Year

Many people have been referring to this year as The Michael Jordan Year. Do you know the story behind why he chose twenty-three as his number?

Why #23?


Top 10 Investing Predictions

I’m a big fan of Origin Investments. Their annual predictions are a must-read for me every year. Check them out here:

What’s in store for multifamily in 2023?


Ohhh, Canada.

A real change for real estate

Canada is adopting a unique approach in an attempt to keep single family homes affordable. What do you think?

Foreigners banned from buying

Real Estate Lingo


Fear Of Missing Out.
Easily the worst reason to make any real estate decision.


New Year,
New You.

It seems the mantra for the past month has been “Don’t make resolutions, set goals”. If that sounds like something up your alley, this will help:

Create your goals


Check the expiration date on your carbon monoxide detectors (unless you enjoy visits from the fire department on
Christmas Eve)



See You at the Movies!

I told you not to bet against Big Jim and Avatar 2. It’s visually stunning and absolutely worth seeing in the theater.

It’s made HOW much?!


The Countdown

Amateur Hour

Last year it was drunk co-hosts. This year, CNN missed the countdown to New Year’s in Central Time.


Oops! CNN missed midnight


Tell someone you love them today! – Damar Hamlin

Why I do this: For the past two decades, I’ve lived at the crosshairs of entrepreneurship, M&A deals, business plans and startups. I often say I’m the happiest guy in every deal, because I know that when experts come together, the results can be exceptional. This experience led me to create Ritvest, a family-run investment group with a focus on people and communities built to endure and thrive over time. Thank you for allowing me to share a little part of myself and the products, people and places I believe in with you here every month. Let’s build something great together.

Disclaimer:  Ritvest on the 10s is the product of Eric Ritvo and Ritvest.  It is not investing advice.  Heck, it is not any advice.  It is stuff I put together and then lives on my website.  This is barely marketing.  Ritvest was founded with an abundance mentality, the ability to pick and choose and working with people we like.  This is not an advertisement for anything other than connecting with me.

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