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Welcome to Ritvest on the 10s, the monthly newsletter you never knew you always needed. Straight from the mouth of RItvest CEO, Eric Ritvo, we’re sharing a few of our favorite things in real estate and beyond.

Deals Closing!

Since my last On the 10s, Ritvest closed on two deals. The first one I’ve mentioned a few times – 80 units in Kansas City. The second deal is in my back yard of Denver and sees Ritvest partnering with Quantum Capital for the first time. Partnering with stellar sponsors remains the key to Ritvest success and we could not be more thrilled!


The World Cup

The World Cup is back! Similar to the Olympics, most people only tune in every four years. Here’s a 100 short points to get you up to speed on the world’s second most watched sporting event:

100 Things to Know



A Giant in Ruins

Do I understand crypto? Not really. Do I trade coins? Nope.

Do I recognize when something major happens in that world? Yes, yes, I do.

Crypto Titan Collapsing

Real Estate Lingo

Assumption of Debt:

When the existing loan on a property is transferred from the current borrower to the new borrower at the same terms.



End of an era?

As Twitter continues to ride the daily Musk roller coaster, here’s an article that articulates the feelings of many people I know.

As for me, right now, like Ross, I’m on a break.

The Musk Era is a Mess


Wake up, make a cup of coffee, and a catch a sunrise if you haven’t in a while. Trust me.




A startling rise

Antisemitism hit a record high in the U.S. last year. To say I’m unsettled is an understatement. NPR shared more on its impacts:


Antisemitism + the Jewish community



Ready for Round 2

History shows that betting against James Cameron is ill-advised. With Avatar 2 coming out, it seems the folks waiting for him to come up short are back.

Water, Water Everywhere


The measure of intelligence is the ability to change – Albert Einstein

Why I do this: For the past two decades, I’ve lived at the crosshairs of entrepreneurship, M&A deals, business plans and startups. I often say I’m the happiest guy in every deal, because I know that when experts come together, the results can be exceptional. This experience led me to create Ritvest, a family-run investment group with a focus on people and communities built to endure and thrive over time. Thank you for allowing me to share a little part of myself and the products, people and places I believe in with you here every month. Let’s build something great together.

Disclaimer:  Ritvest on the 10s is the product of Eric Ritvo and Ritvest.  It is not investing advice.  Heck, it is not any advice.  It is stuff I put together and then lives on my website.  This is barely marketing.  Ritvest was founded with an abundance mentality, the ability to pick and choose and working with people we like.  This is not an advertisement for anything other than connecting with me.

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